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Instructions and Media

Media & Instructions

Would you like to see a video with instructions and answers to almost all questions? Then quickly scroll down to watch the video. You can find all the questions answered directly below the video!! At the moment we only have this video in Dutch Language. Should you have any question, please just send us an email or whatsapp message! First, here are all the instructions that you can download as a PDF:

Mieren zijn helden - E-Book download

Gips Mierenboerderij - Master series

Acryl Mierenboerderij - Universe series

Zand Mierenboerderij - T-Farm

Cube Mierenboerderij

Gel Mierenboerderij


Move, connect ant farm and develop your ant colony
2.36 - What is the best way to keep ants (lasius niger), how does it start?
10.30 - The development of a colony. How is a queen born, how do flying ants arise, what is the process of an ant colony like?
14.25 - How old can ants and the queen get?
17.12 - How long does it take for eggs to hatch. How long is the ant's life cycle?
20.55 - How does a colony grow the fastest?
39.10 - What about connecting your ants to an arena or ant farm, how do you do it and when?
43.44 - How do you move your ants from the test tube to your Ant Farm?

How do you deal with moisture
6.29 - What's behind the cotton ball in the nest tube?
8.15 - How do you keep your ant farm moist, how do you deal with moisture, how much?
31.05 - How do you deal with moisture? Additional explanation. Also check 8.15

How do you deal with nutrition
6.13 - How do you prepare a tube of sugar water?
6.36 - How do you place food (sugar water)?
16.15 - Do ants like beer?
18.30 - How does nutrition work, what can you give?
20.40 - How long does the feeding set take you?
39.56 - Where do you place food and how does it work with waste from the ants?
41.38 - How often do you feed, how often are you busy with the ants?

Shelter, rest, temperature
21.45 - What about temperature?
22.05 - Stress and shelter, how does that work? Light or dark?
22.35 - How often do you check your ants?
24.17 - What should you do in winter?

Choice of Ants and products & other questions
3.15 - How can you convince your parents to get ants as pets?
5.13 - What should you do when you go on holiday?
16.30 - Can you grow a colony in a gel ant farm?
29.30 - Can you expand products (T-Farm), can you connect something to it? When should you expand?
31.55 - Can you combine ant colonies?
33.00 - Can you add ants from the garden?
33.23 - Can you breed ants without a queen?
34.37 - Which ant farm do you choose for which ant species?
37.45 - Escaped ants, is that bad for nature?
38.57 - What do you do if you want to get rid of your ants?

Questions about Ant's Kingdom
0.00 - introduction Ant's Kingdom - Jan-Peter Oudenampsen
13.10 - Who comes up with the prizes? Is it an expensive hobby?
14.57 - What's our favorite ant?
23.10 - Products in stock or not?
26.10 - Do we also ship to Belgium?
26.21 - Do we know the bullet ant, idea to breed it?
27.15 - How do we make the products, anti outbreak, nutrition? Can you make it yourself?
30.30 - Do you also have ants in your private life?

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