Ant Farms Sand

Ant farms filled with sand

Grow your own ant colony in a sand ant farm. With a little patience you can follow the special development of your own ant colony.

Choose your complete sand ant farm set below to start the hobby. Both the harvester ants (Messor barbarus) and the black road ants (Lasius niger) are good species to start the hobby of ants as pets. The harvester ants are our favorite ant species because they also collect seeds and use them as food, super fun to observe!

Antfarm Sand T-farm
Antfarm Sand T-farm
The Ant Farm sand T-Farm. Including luxury packaging and discount coupon for ant...
€39,99 €33,05
Antfarm Sand
Antfarm Sand
An Antfarm that needs to be filled with sand. Combine this Antworld with a colon...
€34,99 €28,92
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